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‘Cops’ Resumes Filming New Episodes Months After Cancellation

‘Cops’ Resumes Filming New Episodes Months After Cancellation

Paramount Network might have canceled Cops earlier this year but evidently the show is not dead yet; its production company has begun filming new episodes.

Cops and the similarly-themed A&E show Live PD were both canceled earlier this year amid protests against police brutality. Although new episodes will not air in the U.S., a representative for Cops producer Langley Prods. told Deadline they will still debut in international territories.

After George Floyd died at the hands of four police officers in Minneapolis, Black Lives Matter protests erupted across the country—spurring a re-evaluation of America’s relationship with its police force and, by extension, programming like Cops.

Cops and Live PD have faced criticism for years because they valorize the police while dehumanizing those they pursue. After Live PD’s cancellation it was even revealed that the show edited footage, according to records, after police worried it made them look bad.

As Deadline notes, a press release from the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office states that two film crews have already ridden along with deputies, as they have for years. Filming is set to run through November.

“We have a longstanding relationship with Cops and Langley productions, and we are pleased they have decided to return, highlighting the outstanding work our Deputies provide to all of you,” the release states.

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