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Two Virginia police officers contracted coronavirus after arresting an infected illegal alien who was later released back into the community.

Three officers in Culpeper, Virginia, responded to a domestic disturbance, where they encountered a twice-deported illegal alien who had allegedly assaulted his girlfriend and was later found to be carrying coronavirus.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) was notified about the suspect’s legal status, however, ICE agents did not take him into custody as they normally would.

“ICE did not come get him, and I think for obvious reasons,” Culpeper Police Maj. Chris Settle told Fox5. “I think because he had COVID-19.”

Shortly after, two of the officers who had participated in the suspect’s arrest also tested positive for coronavirus.

The third officer involved is now in quarantine.

“Settle said police were not notified of the suspect’s bond hearing and at the hearing, he was released on bond back into the community,” Fox5 reports. “Police have not released his name or mugshot to retain his medical privacy.”

Settle says local residents have expressed their outrage and dismay that the suspect was freed and his identity protected.

“We totally understand that, we totally get it,” he said. “But again it is a medical privacy issue and does create a liability.”

The suspect’s current whereabouts are reportedly unknown.

Western intel agencies have now confirmed COVID-19 is a Chinese bioweapon.

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