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‘Daily Show’s’ Jordan Klepper Embarrasses Maskless Trump Fans at ‘Superspreader’ Rally

‘Daily Show’s’ Jordan Klepper Embarrasses Maskless Trump Fans at ‘Superspreader’ Rally

With just a few more weeks to go until Election Day, Jordan Klepper is still putting his life on the line to make fun of Trump supporters at the president’s increasingly irresponsible rallies.

After checking out one of Trump’s infamous boat parades over the summer, the Daily Show correspondent strapped on his mask and headed to Pennsylvania where he trolled the parking lot outside Harrisburg International Airport for the most embarrassing people he could find.

“On the day Donald Trump most likely contracted COVID at an event in the Rose Garden, he hosted another, slightly different kind of superspreader event,” Klepper explained. So he decided to travel to that swing state “to see just how many people had caught Trump’s version of reality.”

“Is there anything 200,000 deaths later that doesn’t quite work as well?” he asked one merchandise purveyor. When the answer came back no, he added, “It’s almost as if the Trump stuff isn’t affected by that at all.”

As the event approached, Klepper interviewed a series of Trump superfans from a respectable distance. In almost every case, he was the only one wearing a mask. “So much excitement in the air,” he said. “So many droplets. You feel like people are going to feel this effect for weeks to come.”

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