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‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Nails Eric Trump’s COVID Vaccine Idiocy

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Nails Eric Trump’s COVID Vaccine Idiocy

Donald Trump may be feuding with Dr. Anthony Fauci. But at least, as Trevor Noah put it Tuesday night, the president did get “a very real endorsement from another top scientist” this week.

The Daily Show host was referring to Eric Trump, who appeared on ABC News’ This Week on Sunday and boasted about the “vaccine” that supposedly saved his father’s life.

“It goes to speak how good some of these vaccines that are being created are and what my father’s done on the vaccine front no one could have done,” the president’s deeply confused son told host Jonathan Karl. “My father literally started day one creating this vaccine, he worked to push this vaccine and now my father just took it and you see how well he got over it.”

“Eric Trump talks about his dad the way little children talk about their dads,” Noah said, imitated him by saying, “My dad invented the corona vaccine. And then he took the corona vaccine. And now he’s the strongest-est person in the world.”

But more than that, the host said that “clearly Eric doesn’t understand how vaccines even work,” explaining that “they are the prevention, not the treatment.”

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