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‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Rips Trump and Rudy’s Lame Hunter Biden ‘October Surprise’

‘Daily Show’s’ Trevor Noah Rips Trump and Rudy’s Lame Hunter Biden ‘October Surprise’

“With three weeks to go until Election Day, and millions of votes already cast, coronavirus remains the top issue for America,” Trevor Noah said on Thursday’s episode of The Daily Show. “And any normal president would be laser-focused on getting corona under control, helping businesses stay afloat, keeping schools open. But Donald Trump is not a normal president.”

Instead, Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani are counting on their “October surprise” of a secret laptop that allegedly contains Hunter Biden’s emails to change the momentum of the race. “Honestly, it’s insane that Trump’s people are even going after Biden by targeting his son,” Noah said. “If these were my sons,” he continued, referring to Eric and Donald Trump Jr., “I’d maintain a strict ‘kids are off-limits’ policy.”

On top of that, Noah said it should “go without saying” that people should be “skeptical” of anything that originates with Rudy Giuliani. “Just as a rule in life, never trust a man who dined and dashed on his dentist midway through the job,” he joked.

While he’s not “surprised” by the move, Noah said he’s “disappointed” that the Trump campaign is simply trying to repeat its 2016 play. “Really? Hacked Russian emails? Again?” he asked. “You’re just going to use the same October surprise as last election? It’s called an October surprise, not an October ‘hey, I know this one!’”

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