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Democrats Caught in 2020 Election Theft, Arrests Imminent: Watch Live – NewsWars

Join Harrison Smith for extensive coverage of the campaign trail, the ongoing Breonna Taylor riots, President Trump’s upcoming Supreme Court nomination and much more.

Owen Shroyer hosts this LIVE edition of War Room, weekdays 3-6 p.m. CT.

Also catch the streams at infowars.com/show and Banned.video.

Actions already triggering constitutional crisis, civil war, possible collapse of dollar. Share this MUST-WATCH Friday live broadcast now!

Start your weekend informed with the most banned broadcast in the world:

Watch Democrats confess to stealing the 2020 election below:

In their own words, corrupt Democrats confess to how they will use to steal the 2020 election!

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The establishment is preparing to unleash a manufactured second wave of COVID-19.

On this Friday transmission of The David Knight Show we’ll cover the following topics.

-Pfizer Chief Science Officer says virus is over
-Lockdown 2 escalates worldwide
-Masks Off? Uniformed thugs in USA begin arrests
-RBG funeral & legacy—uncomfortable truths
-Media freaks about Electoral College electors. What does the Consitution say?

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