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Discovering the Soviet Union: Images of Foreign Celebrities Visiting Moscow


Sputnik International



The Moscow International Film Festival was first held in 1935 and became a regular event in 1959. Since 1999 it has been held annually. In Soviet times, the event was more than just a film festival but an opportunity for people to meet each other despite political difficulties.

Visiting the Soviet Union, mainly Moscow and Saint Petersburg, was an extraordinary event for foreign actors and musicians due to the Iron Curtain policy that dominated the country’s political scene after WW II. 

The Moscow International Film Festival, which was established in 1935, became a symbolic meeting point for foreign and Soviet actors and filmmakers. For the Soviet audience, seeing a foreign celebrity with their own eyes was an unforgettable experience.

Check out Sputnik’s gallery to see the world-famous actors and musicians visiting Moscow in the 20th century.

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