Does Donald Trump Have an Invisible Army?

Does Donald Trump Have an Invisible Army?

If you don’t think Donald Trump could still win this election, then you’re snorting better Xanax than I am. Trump is a preternaturally gifted demagogue with riots and a bully pulpit to exploit. He has three debates still on the calendar, a history of stunning everyone, and a couple of months to work his magic. Counting him out at a time when cities are on fire would be insane. 

And here’s another reason: There are millions of potential voters out there you’ve probably never even thought of. And unlike the assumption that “bringing in new voters” means moderating your message or “going to the center,” these are people who are more likely to vote the more Trump’s handlers let Trump be Trump. 

According to Dave Wasserman, U.S. House editor of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report and an NBC News contributor, “…in 2016 there were *4.8 million* eligible non-college whites across MI, PA and WI who didn’t vote. In 2016, Trump won those states by a combined 77,744 votes.”

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