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Does Trump Really Want Republicans to Win in Georgia?

Does Trump Really Want Republicans to Win in Georgia?

Trump is headed to Georgia this week, where there’s about to be a pair of special elections to decide the balance of the senate. But don’t expect the president to really talk up his Republican, MAGA AF buds, George Conway says. “It’s better for him and better for his ego if they lose.”

Trump has a problem, George explains to Molly-Jong Fast and Rick Wilson on the latest episode of The New Abnormal. Well, two. First, “Republicans did better than he did” in the general election. Not only does “that undercut his claim of fraud… it means that there were significant numbers of Republicans who couldn’t stomach him. And that’s the reason why he lost and all these other people won.”

So now Trump is hate-tweeting Georgia’s Republican governor and Republican secretary of state. And he’s doing his damnedest to tell his followers that their votes don’t count, that they’re sure to be stolen.

“It was amazing to see [RNC chair] Ronna McDaniel desperately try to explain to Republicans why they need to vote in an election that will decide the balance of the Senate,” Molly remarks.

“It was like watching a walrus trying to fuck a beach ball. It’s so awkward,” Rick replies.

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