Doggy Weights: Belgian Shepherd Helps Owner Exercise During Quarantine

Sputnik International

While most gyms remain closed amid the COVID-19 pandemic, maintaining one’s workout routine has proven difficult. Luckily for some, their pets have assisted them in their quest to remain fit, as a smart canine and his owner recently demonstrated.

Footage shared on YouTube by Viral Hog captures a man and his dog in Brno, Czech Republic, performing a series of exercises together during quarantine. Video shows Rancho, a long-haired Belgian Shepherd Tervuren, helping his “dad” with his home workout by helping to hold down his feet during sit-ups and acting as a substitute for weights. 

“The gyms are closed and this is the only way Rancho’s dad can get some exercise done. Probably the hardest part for him was doing push-ups with Rancho on his back,” Rancho’s family told the video licensor. 

What a fit duo!

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