Donald Trump Blasts 'Some Wacko in China' for Coronavirus Statement

Donald Trump Blasts ‘Some Wacko in China’ for Coronavirus Statement

President Donald Trump on Wednesday blasted an unnamed official from the Communist government in China for comments on the coronavirus pandemic.

“Some wacko in China just released a statement blaming everybody other than China for the Virus which has now killed hundreds of thousands of people,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Wednesday morning.

It is unclear who the president was referring to, but he has repeatedly challenged Chinese Communist Party officials for trying to shift blame for the pandemic that started in Wuhan to other countries. The Chinese government continues arguing they did nothing wrong in handling the virus, which spread worldwide.

“Please explain to this dope that it was the ‘incompetence of China,’ and nothing else, that did this mass Worldwide killing!” Trump wrote.

The president on Tuesday repeated his question about why China failed to stop the virus from spreading to the world.

“Now, with all of that being said, to lose lives over this that could’ve been stopped by China, it should’ve been stopped by China,” Trump said after meeting with Senate Republicans. “It’s terrible that a thing like this could’ve happened to the world.”

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