Dopey Joy Behar Leads Parade of Liberal Hacks Slandering and Smearing General Michael Flynn (VIDEO)

Back in December 2017 “The View” host Joy Behar was hand delivered breaking (fake) news by Brian Ross that General Flynn had pleaded guilty and was prepared to testify that as a candidate Donald Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians! Yes!

It was all fake news.

Earlier today the Department of Justice dropped all charges against General Michael Flynn.
He was set up.

TRENDING: Breaking: Department of Justice Drops Case Against General Michael Flynn

The DOJ announced it is dropping the case “after a considered review of all the facts and circumstances of this case, including newly discovered and disclosed information.”

On Thursday night Sean Hannity played a montage of horrible liberal hacks smearing and lying about General Michael Flynn.

Will any of these horrible people apologize to General Flynn tonight?

Via Sean Hannity:

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