Drunk Idiots Use Tesla Autopilot as Designated Driver – NewsWars

Drunk motorists filmed themselves being chauffeured by Tesla’s autopilot feature, as they were too intoxicated to get behind the wheel.

In a distressing TikTok video picked up by TMZ, at least three inebriated morons filmed themselves singing along with the radio as they whizzed down a freeway at 65mph.

“When your car is a better driver than you,” the video is captioned.

Meanwhile, the passengers can be seen holding alcoholic beverages, including White Claw and Natty Light Seltzer.

As noted by TMZ, several motorists have been involved in fatal accidents while using the Tesla autopilot:

In fact, at least 4 people have died in Tesla Autopilot-related crashes. In March 2019, a Florida man was killed when his Model 3 crashed into a tractor trailer crossing its path. The crash was eerily similar to the first publicly reported Autopilot death in May 2016 … when a Tesla was unable to recognize a semitruck crossing its path.

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