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Dylan Gonzalez Hires Attorney, Claiming Trey Songz Raped Her at Las Vegas Hotel Nine Years Ago

Dylan Gonzalez Hires Attorney, Claiming Trey Songz Raped Her at Las Vegas Hotel Nine Years Ago

New Orleans Gators basketball player Dylan Gonzalez has hired an attorney to represent her in a potential sexual assault case against Trey Songz, claiming the musician raped her.

“With what seems like endlessly recurring news of the alleged sexual assault committed by Trey Songz, I am forced to repeatedly relive in my mind, and suffer anew, the long-suppressed horror and unbearable PTSD of my rape by his very hands at a well-known Las Vegas Hotel,” the former University of Nevada, Las Vegas player wrote in a statement on Tuesday.

Gonzalez’s statement comes after she tweeted on New Year’s Eve that Songz, real name Tremaine Neverson, was “a rapist,” but she did not give further details at the time. She is now working with attorney George Vrabeck as she decides what her legal options are.

The Daily Beast understands that the alleged rape took place around nine years ago. Gonzalez’s claim against Songz is separate from an alleged sexual assault case that the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police is currently investigating, stemming from an incident that occurred at the Cosmopolitan Hotel while the singer was celebrating his 37th birthday in early December.

The Daily Beast has reached out to Songz for comment.

Gonzalez is the second woman to come forward against Songz in recent months. In December, Jauhara Jeffries refiled a civil suit against the singer, alleging that Songz assaulted her at a Miami nightclub in the early hours of New Year’s Day in 2018.

Jeffries claimed she met Songz at a New Year’s Eve party held at Diddy’s Miami mansion before they continued the night at the popular nightclub E11EVEN. While dancing on a couch at the club, Jeffries, who was wearing a dress with a high slit, claims that she felt “fingers being inserted into her vagina.”

Jeffries had previously sued Songz under a Jane Doe pseudonym. But Jeffries, who is in her late 20s, then decided to come forward with her real name, her attorney Ariel Mitchell previously told The Daily Beast. “She doesn’t want to hide behind the Jane Doe, she doesn’t want to be ashamed of what happened to her,” Mitchell said.

In a statement provided to The Daily Beast, Gonzalez’s lawyer Vrabeck said, “We admire Dylan’s courage and willingness to stand up for herself and others. And like Jauhara Jeffries, Dylan is no longer willing to suffer in silence. We intend to pursue Dylan’s claims relentlessly and to a successful conclusion.”

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