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Egypt jails 43 'Muslim Brotherhood members'

Court room in Cairo, Egypt on 28 July 2018 [KHALED DESOUKI/AFP/Getty Images]

An Egyptian court yesterday issued prison sentences against 43 people accused of being leaders and members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Of those jailed, 23 were handed life terms while four were acquitted. They were found guilty of "joining a terrorist group and forging official documents." Yahya Moussa and Alaa Al-Samahi were sentenced in absentia as they are both living in exile in Turkey. The court sentenced 18 defendants to 15 years, including Hossam Ahmed, Jamal Sultan, Karim Sayed, Ahmed Galal, Youssef Mohamed, Ahmed Ali Awad, Hisham Al-Sayed, Ayman Tariq, Ahmed El-Sayed, Mohamed El-Sayed, Mohamed Mahmoud Abdel-Aal, Sami Mahmoud, Khaled Mohamed Shaaban, Mohamed El-Sayed Khamis, Saleh Abdel Rahim, Mohamed Mahmoud, Hani Mahrous and Amr Fadl. The court acquitted Hadi Mohamed, Rajaa El-Sayed, Mohamed […]

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