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Ethics Complaints Filed Against Controversial Assistant US Attorney Aaron Zelinsky Day Prior to Congressional Testimony Before Rep. Nadler

Attorney Paul Kamenar filed an ethics complaint on Tuesday with the Department of Justice against Mueller attorney Aaron Zelinsky.

Andrew Miller and the National Legal and Policy Center, through their undersigned counsel, filed this complaint against Assistant United States Attorney (AUSA) Aaron S.J. Zelinsky with the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) for misconduct that occurred during the grand jury proceedings of Mr. Miller regarding the investigation and prosecution of Roger J. Stone.

The complaint was filed with the Department of Justice on Tuesday.

Aaron Zelinsky is slated to speak before Congress and before Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler on Wednesday.

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On February 11th all four DOJ prosecutors in the Roger Stone case abruptly resigned after the Department of Justice backed down from their outrageous and excessive sentencing recommendations for Roger Stone after he was caught lying to Congress in a process crime.

Roger Stone, a Republican and Trump confidante, is 67 and has NO criminal record.

Aaron Zelinsky, a former Huffington Post columnist and Assistant US Attorney was recommended by Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to assist Jeannie Rhee in Stone’s prosecution.

Zelinsky served in the Counsel’s office of the State Department under Hillary Clinton, a political appointment.

Zelinsky has been caught lying to the Court and the Congress in the Pappadapolus matter and Devin Nunes says he is referring Zelinsky to DOJ for prosecution!

Zelinsky, and his colleagues, Jonathan Kravis and Adam Jed all resigned from Stone’s case after they got caught by senior DOJ officials filing a fraudulent sentencing memo demanding Stone be given 7 to 9 years in prison.

According to insiders with knowledge a sneak peak at Zelinsky’s leaked testimony suggests he plans to LIE TO CONGRESS during his testimony.

Here is a copy of the ethics complaint filed on Tuesday before Zelinsky’s testimony tomorrow.

NLPC Complaint With Office … by Jim Hoft on Scribd

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