EXCLUSIVE: 4th of July Warning

EXCLUSIVE: 4th of July Warning

Last weekend members of BLM and the Crips gang colluded in assaulting a group of Christians who prayed at the statue of St. Louis in Forest Park in St. Louis.  We have evidence the same criminals who assaulted individuals at the prayer event have purchased over 300 pounds of fireworks which simulate gun fire.

Terrence Page is a soldier of the Blue Umbrella BLM Militia. At a prayer event on June 27th at the St. Louis statue in Forest Park, Page punched three individuals in the face. This comes as no surprise since Page has been a member of the Crips since 2000:

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Terrence Page is also a member of ‘The Blue Umbrella’ group. This militia group conducts arms training. This includes training in AR-15’s, AK-47’s and pistols.

The Blue Umbrella is not only connected to the Crips, it is also connected to BLM and and the National Committee of the New Black Panthers. Also, below is a picture of Terrence Page with his crips gang in 2010.

We have information that Page and his gang of Crips and BLM confidants have purchased over 300 pounds of fireworks which simulate gun fire when they go off.

We are unsure if this is an isolated event in St. Louis or if it is also taking place in other cities around the country.  These fireworks, if used maliciously, could simulate gun fire in a frightening scenario.

Are Black Lives Matter and the Crips planning on using fireworks to create chaos and death over the 4th of July weekend around the US?  If so, be warned.

This could be dangerous.

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