Explosions Heard on Syrian Side of Israeli Border, IDF Says


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The day before, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) boosted their presence at the northern borders with neighbouring Lebanon in anticipation of Hezbollah’s retaliation for the killing of one of its prominent members in Israel’s recent attack in Syria.

The Israeli Defence Forces reported on Friday that an explosion was heard on the Syrian side of Israel’s northern border.

Earlier in the week, the Israeli air force attacked targets in southern Damascus from the disputed lands of Golan Heights. According to Syrian news outlets, the attack left seven troops injured. Hezbollah also accused Israel of killing its operative, Ali Kamel Mohsen Jawad, in the Monday airstrike.

The disputed Golan Heights have been mostly under Israel’s control since the country seized the area during the 1967 Six-Day War. Israel adopted a law in 1981 that annexed the territory, though it was rejected by the United Nations.


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