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Fans SLATE stars at Premier League champs Liverpool for 'DIRE' Kanye West, Coldplay choices — RT Sport News

Fans SLATE stars at Premier League champs Liverpool for ‘DIRE’ Kanye West, Coldplay choices — RT Sport News

Liverpool’s Premier League-winning squad has been accused of tone-deaf choices on one of the most momentous nights in the club’s history, with fans fuming that the club’s players have chosen Kanye West and Coldplay for the music.

Stars including Virgil van Dijk, Jordan Henderson and Mohamed Salah have selected the accompanying music for their official title ceremony at Anfield tonight, when the players will be handed their Premier League medals after the club won the league for the first time in 30 years last month.

Their final home match of the season, against Chelsea, will take place without fans because of the coronavirus pandemic, which meant that the players were invited to pick the tracks that will blare across the stadium as they celebrate their spectacularly successful season.

Fans were appalled when they discovered that Kanye West’s “All Of The Lights,” which is said to be a locker room favorite, and Coldplay hit “A Sky Full of Stars” had been chosen for the occasion.

“I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say I’d rather we were banned from [European competition] for two years than lift the trophy to Coldplay,” said one fan, before another added: “Not really arsed about the music but them two songs are f*cking dire.”

Rapper West’s political credentials were questioned by a fan who accused him of being a supporter of US president Donald Trump and an opponent of the Black Lives Matter movement that Premier League players have championed by taking a knee before matches since the season restarted.

Reds manager Klopp is an outspoken supporter of liberal politics, and many suggested that Liverpudlians the Beatles would have been a more suitable choice for the soundtrack to his side’s trophy lift.

Although some pointed out that “A Sky Full of Stars” carried happy memories thanks to ringing out as Liverpool celebrated their Champions League win in Madrid last year, others continued to criticize the decisions.

“Been a fan for 50 years,” wrote one, calling the choices “b*llocks”. “This sort of nonsense is not Liverpool. Cringeworthy and embarrassing.”

Another argued: “Everything matters. It’s a historical moment, so the aesthetics should be spot on.”

“It’s the players that have chosen the music,” replied a fellow Red.

“Honestly, get a grip if you’re actually getting annoyed by a few songs. If you want, you can mute it and put on Spotify.”

Klopp has urged supporters not to gather outside the stadium while the players are celebrating inside.

Thousands of fans massed outside Anfield even though the club had won the league without playing a match on June 25, before more crowds gathered in the city the following evening, when bottles and glasses were thrown at police.

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