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Far-Right ‘People’s Rights’ Leader Joshua Martinez Tied to Bundy Family Busted for Threats in Vegas

Far-Right ‘People’s Rights’ Leader Joshua Martinez Tied to Bundy Family Busted for Threats in Vegas

A leader of the Nevada branch of an anti-government group was arrested over Facebook posts wishing “a slow and painful death” on a district attorney and a police officer involved in his past criminal cases.

Joshua Martinez, 32, is the Nevada leader of the People’s Rights network, a fast-growing group that has led an escalating series of demonstrations against COVID-19 precautions. But Martinez has been involved in his own series of escalating feuds with local law enforcement, beginning with spats over his right to film inside a courthouse, and escalating to convictions on gun charges in 2019.

His animosity toward a detective and a prosecutor in that case was still hot when he allegedly authored a pair of Facebook posts wishing for their deaths last week. Now he’s facing a set of charges for stalking, threats, and firearm possession, as the Las Vegas Review-Journal first reported.

The arrest isn’t going down well with Martinez’s fans in the movement.

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On Feb. 17., Martinez allegedly posted a picture of Michael Dickerson, a prosecutor who argued a 2019 weapons case against Martinez. In the now-deleted post, Martinez allegedly wished death upon Dickerson and Kenneth Mead, a detective with whom he reportedly had a conflict during the 2019 case.

“This is Michael Dickerson. He is Detective Kenneth Mead’s bitch. Dickerson, I hope you and Mead die a slow and painful death… Mead, I have a message for you—Molon Labe,” Martinez allegedly wrote.

In a still-live post from that day, Martinez also posted a picture of police officers carrying a casket with the caption; “How police officers take out their trash.” He added, “I can’t wait to see the news and hear that Detective Kenneth Mead is in that casket.”

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