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Fire at Recycling Firm in Northeast France Produces No Toxic Emissions, Authorities Say


Sputnik International



MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The samples taken from the site of a major fire that has hit a recycling company in the northeastern French department of Haut-Rhin have not revealed any toxic traces, the prefecture of the department said on Tuesday.

“This morning, the #fire at the Schroll company in #Colmar has declined in intensity but is not yet extinguished. Since the start of the fire, samples have been taken every 2 hours. They did not reveal any toxicity”, the prefecture tweeted.

​​There have been no victims due to the fire.

The fire occurred late on Monday in one of the buildings of the Schroll recycling company in the Colmar commune.

​According to the authorities, the risk of the fire’s spread is being controlled by firefighters, who have been operating all night to douse the 32,300 square feet of the fire.

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