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US President Donald Trump sure loves being braggadocious about the “great” job he’s doing handling the novel coronavirus pandemic, all while infections in the United States have now officially surpassed 4 million and health officials are reporting over 2,600 new COVID-19 cases every hour on average.

The United States has the highest amount of COVID-19 infections in the world, having surpassed 4 million cases this week, and the current death toll is nearing 145,000, according to Johns Hopkins University. Even more unsettling, the jaw-dropping rate of transmission stands at 2,600 new cases every hour on average, the fastest in the world, according to a Reuters tally.

Trump, however, believes he is doing a great job. It only took him about five months of a global pandemic to realize that wearing a mask to slow the disease’s spread and set the proper example as commander-in-chief is a good idea. 

Now, he has suddenly changed his stance, claiming that wearing a mask is “patriotic” and that no one is more patriotic than he is This follows months of Trump being reluctant to wear a mask himself, reportedly fearing it would make him look weak; he was only recently seen wearing one in public for the first time.

But of course, he blamed everything on the Democrats: “We did great things, but it doesn’t matter to the Dems!” Trump tweeted Thursday about the government’s response to the pandemic.

Perhaps in Trump’s mind, he believes he is “winning” by leading the country that is number one in the world in recorded fatalities from the pandemic.

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    Last update: 00:30 GMT 22.07.2020

    00:30 GMT 22.07.2020

    US President Donald Trump has previously not worn a mask during the novel coronavirus pandemic, reportedly fearing that it would make him look like a weak leader. Now, however, he is saying that masking up is patriotic and that nobody is more patriotic than him. What?

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