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Florida Judge Takes Child From Mother Because She’s “Anti-Mask,” Forces COVID Vaccines – NewsWars

A shocking interview by Red Voice Media‘s Stew Peters exposes a mother’s nightmare situation after a Florida judge ruled she cannot see her son because she posted a social media picture without a mask.

During a custody battle with her ex-husband, Melanie Joseph had her parental rights stripped after a court ruled she’s a “danger” to the child for being “anti-mask.”

Audio recording reveals Broward County Judge Dale C. Cohen telling the court he thinks the mother’s “credibility is very low.”

“I don’t believe a lot of what she testified to,” Judge Cohen said. “Um, she’s one of these anti-mask people and she’s got the audacity to post that on social media that she’s an anti-mask people.”

Joseph told Peters she isn’t “anti-mask” and had instead posted a pre-pandemic photo online.

The judge was also allegedly concerned about photos of the mother with her gun, for which she has a permit.

Explaining his ruling, Judge Cohen said, “If the mother wants in-person time -sharing, it’s going to be in Broward County, she’s going to come down, she’s gonna pay for a supervisor and she’s gonna wear a mask. And if she doesn’t, time-sharing is just not gonna happen.”

“When this pandemic is over and there’s no cases and there’s a vaccine and there’s proof… well, the father will get a vaccine for the child, but you know the mother’s going to need to get a vaccine as well. And, when I have proof everybody’s safe and the child is not at risk of danger, then we can talk about a long-distance parenting plan, but for right now her time-sharing is suspended,” the judge ruled.

Explaining how the mother is “a danger” to her own child, Judge Cohen said, “She’s a danger because of COVID and she’s not taking proper precautions. When COVID passes, I don’t think she’ll be a danger.”

This shocking case reveals how corrupt America’s judicial system is.

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