Florida’s COVID-19 Dashboard Architect Rebekah Jones Claims She Was Fired for Not Manipulating Data

A top Florida Department of Health data manager alleges she was forced to resign from her job maintaining the state’s COVID-19 portal because she refused to change data that would “drum up support for the plan to reopen” amid the pandemic. 

Rebekah Jones, the architect behind the Sunshine State’s interactive COVID-19 dashboard once praised by the White House, told several news outlets on Tuesday she was removed from her position as Graphic Information Systems manager on May 5 due to “reasons beyond my division’s control.” On Monday, the state’s Department of Health offered her a settlement with the option to resign instead of being fired, which would go into effect on May 26, she said.

Jones, 30, told CBS12 News that her involuntary removal came one day after she refused to “manually change data to drum up support for the plan to reopen.” The scientist, however, did not elaborate on which data in particular she refused to alter. 

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