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‘Fox & Friends’ Host Steve Doocy Tell Trump to Stop Talking About Hunter Biden

‘Fox & Friends’ Host Steve Doocy Tell Trump to Stop Talking About Hunter Biden

In the two-and-a-half days immediately following the New York Post’s hit job on Hunter Biden, Fox News reportedly dedicated three times as much airtime to the former vice president’s son as it did to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, at least one prominent Fox host seems to be realizing that it’s not working.

During a preview segment for the final debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, scheduled for this Thursday, Steve Doocy explicitly warned the president not to talk about Hunter.

“So you gotta figure the president’s gonna try to bring up Hunter Biden in some manner,” Doocy said.

Brian Kilmeade chimed in with, “Has to,” apparently unaware of the point his co-host was trying to make.

“And the base loves to hear that stuff,” Doocy continued. “But what the consultants are telling the president is, in the race to the final 15 days, do as much about the economy as you possibly can.”

Spelling out the “best message” for the president, the Fox host added: “President Trump built a great economy, then COVID screwed things up, and President Trump is better at rebuilding than Joe Biden. That’s the message they would like to see.”

Earlier in the segment, Kilmeade had another piece of debate advice for Trump. “He’s gotta let Joe Biden finish, because Joe Biden can often be his worst enemy,” he said, urging the president to take a page from Vice President Mike Pence’s debate playbook and not spend the whole time interrupting his opponent.

If the moderator asks Trump a question, Kilmeade said he should just ignore it and use that time to respond to whatever Biden said about him in the previous question.

“That moderator cannot stop you from going back and finishing up that topic,” he said. “That’s how the president should approach it. There’s really no other way. Because if you interrupt the whole time, they’ll move to another topic and we saw what happened the first time with that.”

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