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Free Speech Platform Parler Won’t Censor ‘Plandemic’ Documentary Banned by Silicon Valley

The free-speech social media company Parler has announced that it won’t censor the controversial coronavirus documentary Plandemic after Silicon Valley giants including Facebook, Twitter, and Google’s YouTube have all banned the 26-minute movie from their platforms.

Parler said Friday that its decision not to remove the video from its platform is in keeping with its refusal to delete or censor any speech or content for political purposes.

“Twitter, Facebook and the other Technofascists believe they should decide for others. They label, ban and censor anything and everything as harmful misinformation if it is inconsistent with the narrative and the worldview they want to impose,” said Parler CEO John Matze said in a statement.

“Parler will preserve content, asserts no authority and invites critical thinking. Parler leaves freedom of choice to the People to make up their own minds.”

Plandemic has been viewed several million times across multiple platforms since being released on May 4. Silicon Valley giants decided to ban the video for allegedly violating their terms of service regarding “misinformation.”

The documentary has generated controversy over its skeptical view of mass vaccination programs and its critical take on Dr. Anthony Fauci and the advice given by experts to stop the spread of the Chinese virus, including stay-at-home guidelines and masks.

In the video, former scientific research Judy Mikovits claims that public health officials and medical companies are seeking to profit from the pandemic.

Parler, which was founded in 2018, said it doesn’t mine or sell user data, and doesn’t censor content based on politics or ideology.

Big tech platforms like Twitter and Facebook have come under fire from conservatives who say that the companies are biased against right-of-center points of view and falsely portray themselves as neutral platforms

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