French “Sentry” off Libya? – ItaMilRadar

This morning around 09:00 CEST a French Air Force Boeing E-3F “Sentry” (201) left Avord AB southbound. We’ve tracked the aircraft until it was in flight over Tyrrhenian sea, then it’s disappeared (10:00 CEST).

Then the aircraft was tracked by S-MODE (without position) by Maltaradar receiver, so if we don’t know precisely where it was operating, we know that it was somewhere over central Mediterranean Sea (into the range of Malta receiver). It made a surveillance mission of Libya?

The aircraft was in the area for about 5 hours.

Around 18:00 CEST the Sentry is again trackable over southern Sardinia, in flight northbound.

Note that today off Libya was operating also a Turkish Air Force Boeing E-7T.

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