Giuliani Gives Hunter Biden’s Hard Drive to Delaware State Police Over Photos of Underage Girls, Disturbing Texts – NewsWars

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani revealed he turned over Hunter Biden’s hard drive to the Delaware State Police due to pornographic photos of underage girls and disturbing text messages on it.

Giuliani described in an interview on Newsmax Tuesday a “sensitive” text message from Hunter to his father Joe Biden detailing his drug use and inappropriate behavior with an underaged girl.

“He’s discussing his sister-in-law who for quite some time was his lover…and he says ‘she told my therapist that I was sexually inappropriate’. This would be with an unnamed 14-year-old girl,” Giuliani explained.

He continued reading Hunter’s text to Joe Biden:

“‘When she says that I Face Timed naked with [the unnamed 14-year-old girl], and the reason I can’t have her out to see me is because I walk around naked smoking crack talking tom girls on Face Time.’”

‘”When pressed she said that [the unnamed 14-year-old girl] never said anything like that but the bottom line is that I create and caused a very unsafe environment for the kids.’”

Giuliani, now Trump’s personal attorney, added that Hunter’s text messages are corroborated by pornographic images of “underage girls,” which compelled him to turn over Hunter’s hard drive to police.

“This is supported by numerous pictures of underage girls,” Giuliani said, adding that he was “very uncomfortable” with the fact the these girls “were not protected.”

This bombshell revelation comes right after the FBI shot down Democrat operatives and mainstream media lies that Hunter Biden’s hard drive was part of a “Russian disinformation” operation.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is set to debate President Trump on Thursday in Nashville, Tennessee.

It remains to be seen if the media, via moderator Kristin Welker, will ask Biden about any of these new revelations — but Trump likely will in any case.

Alex Jones breaks down the bombshell developments surrounding Hunter Biden’s hard drive, which allegedly contain thousands of images and videos of extremely obscene material, including Hunter raping and torturing underage Chinese girls. 

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