Greece will ask EU for list of measures in response to Turkey violations – Middle East Monitor

Greek Foreign Minister, Nikos Dendias, yesterday said that his country will ask the European Union to prepare a list of actions which can be taken against Turkey in case Ankara violates Greece’s sovereign rights.

Dendias told Skai TV ahead of the EU council of foreign affairs meeting today that the EU should urgently take an appropriate position to prevent any possible violations of Greece’s sovereign rights.

Asked about Athen’s reaction if Ankara sends drilling ships off the islands of Karpathos and Crete, Dendias said: “We have a constitutional obligation to protect our rights. Greece will absolutely protect its sovereignty and sovereign rights, and Europe is obliged to acknowledge this.”

“If [Europe] does not prevent this from happening, it will not like what will come. We have assured Turkey that we will not remain idle.”

In this regard, Dendias praised the Greek forces’ level of readiness for any possible confrontation with Turkey.

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