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Green Mountain Spinnery And Flat Iron Cooperative

Green Mountain Spinnery And Flat Iron Cooperative

Above Photo: Marti Stone.

Green Mountain Spinnery is a 40 year old cooperative based in rural Vermont. They mill high quality yarns made in the U.S., support regional sheep farming, and develop ways of producing natural fibers that are environmentally friendly. Flat Iron Cafe is a cooperatively owned coffee shop based in Vermont. They are still in the developmental stages but intend to create a model that integrates coffee, community driven events, and supports local food entrepreneurs within the space.

In this episode I speak with worker-owner Larisa Demos about the inspiration behind Green Mountain Spinnery and Flat Iron’s development. Initially this interview was just going to be about The Spinnery but I decided to ask Larisa to share a bit about a new co-op she is helping to develop. We speak about what’s needed for a co-op’s longevity, how to sustain the ethos as ownership changes, peer2peer networking for new co-ops, intention and plans once the Flat Iron is open, and more insight into the evolution of these two different models.


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