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Group Chanting ‘Christ is King’ Topple California Monolith, Replace It With Wooden Cross – NewsWars

Video footage shows a group of America First Catholic conservatives performing a daring midnight raid at Pine Mountain in Atascadero, California that resulted in the toppling of a much-publicized metal monolith, and the replacement of said monolith with a Christian cross.

The appearance of monolithic metal obelisks around the world has attracted much fawning coverage from the corporate ire, as well as the ire of citizens who suspect the monoliths to be nothing more than a cringeworthy marketing gimmick.

In the video, which was livestreamed on DLive, a group of conservative Christians surround the monolith and pull it down while chanting, “Christ is King.”

“I just wanna say, the American people are tired of these cringe marketing schemes, and we want to see less of these so-called alien obelisks and more of the cross right here,” the group’s ringleader says. “Because Christ is King of this country. We don’t want illegal aliens from Mexico or outer space, so let’s tear this b**ch down.”

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The group also notes that the monolith is cheaply constructed: “This s**t’s hollow. It’s just welded together. This s**t’s hollow as f**k, some amateur gay bulls**t.”

After toppling the monolith, the group’s leader announced, “America First!”

Footage of the incident was clipped from DLive and posted to Twitter on Thursday.

The incident has received a polarized response on social media, with America First Christians and conservatives celebrating the prank, and corporate media and left-wing activists bemoaning the “racism” of the monolith’s fall from grace.

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