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Footage from a DEFCON hacker conference in Las Vegas shows a female hacker demonstrating how to gain admin access on a voting machine in less than two minutes.

In the video from 2018, SocialProof Security CEO Rachel Tobac shows how an election machine used in most states can be easily compromised in seconds with no tools needed.

More on the hack from Business Insider/Inverse:

In the video, Tobac explains that accessing the voting machine’s administrative functions is as easy as removing the hood with a release button, unplugging the card reader, picking the lock to turn on the machine — which she says can be done with a ballpoint pen — and pressing the bright red “on” button. After the machine boots up, a “secure voting terminal” loads on the screen. An error message pops up, but Tobac presses “cancel” and “okay” on the screen, which takes her to the catalog of voting data.

The hacked voting machine — which appears to be a Premier AccuVote TS or TSX — was just one of several features in the conferences Voting Village exhibit, which showed how decidedly old-school voting technology could be easily compromised. The voting machine has been the subject of scrutiny before but is still used.

According to a press release, voting machines made by Premier Election Solutions, which was acquired by Dominion Voting Systems in May 2010, “are currently in use in over 1,400 jurisdictions in 33 states and serve nearly 28 million American voters.”

On Wednesday, Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani announced whistleblowers for the Dominion voting software company would soon be coming forward with shocking voter fraud revelations.

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