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Hamas rejects offer of $15bn in return for disarming – Middle East Monitor

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement revealed on Monday that it had rejected a $15bn offer for Israel to lift its siege imposed on Gaza on condition that it disarms and abandons resistance to the occupation.

Hamas revealed that its leader, Ismail Haniyeh, said that the movement had turned down the offer about two months ago.

The offer included financial aid, infrastructure projects, an airport and a seaport for the besieged Gaza Strip, as part of the “deal of the century”.

The official Hamas website pointed out that Haniyeh told this for the first time to a Qatari newspaper. In the interview, the former Palestinian Authority Prime Minister said that the parties which made the offer asked for the resistance to be disarmed and the Palestinians’ right to Jerusalem to be abandoned.

Haniyeh reiterated that Hamas rejected US President Donald Trump’s plan, and any other proposals made within the same framework. He welcomed Qatar’s role in helping to end the internal Palestinian division, and stressed that the government in Doha has good ties with all Palestinian factions and is well placed to be a fair mediator.

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