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"He Just Floored It!" Detroit Police SUV Filmed Plowing Through Protesters

“He Just Floored It!” Detroit Police SUV Filmed Plowing Through Protesters

A viral video from a chaotic standoff between police and Black Lives Matter protesters in a southwest Detroit neighborhood is stirring outrage among activists, though in more normal times it should be clear to anyone that things won’t end well if one jumps on the hood of a moving police vehicle.

That’s precisely what happened Sunday night: a crowd is seen attempting to block a Detroit police SUV at an intersection. As the group of “peaceful” protesters surrounds the vehicle while banging on it, multiple individuals are seen placing themselves on the hood in order to stop its movement. The SUV’s police lights are flashing, perhaps as a warning of what’s about to happen.

Instead of retreating, the police officer guns the accelerator, sending multiple protesters flying through the air.

A Detroit police statement later said the officer had to escape after the vehicle’s back window was busted out. Police also described the crowd as “agitators” and defended the actions of the cop.

“The officer tried to escape,” according to the Detroit police department statement.

One protester, 24-year old Jae Bass told the Detroit Free Press:

He just floored it… He went super fast. Me and a couple of other organizers that were with me, just went flinging off. We went flying off. He ran over a couple people’s arms, feet.”

Screams are heard while people yell at the driver to stop. The officer actually stops and starts several times attempting to shake off the remaining couple of individuals still grasping onto the hood.

People are then seen scattered in the street as the police car speeds off, with the crowd giving chase and screaming.

Local television reporting also featured multiple videos that captured the shocking incident:

It’s clear from the video that the officer pressed the accelerator only after the crowd began trying to climb on the car. 

Subsequent local reports said multiple among the protesters ended up in the hospital.

Since mass BLM and anti-police brutality protests began nationwide, there’s been multiple such ‘ramming’ incidents involving mobs trying to thwart moving vehicles. Needless to say in most cases it hasn’t ended well for the protesters. 

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