Heavy rains, floods kill 5, destroy 2,382 houses in Sudan – Middle East Monitor

Heavy rains and floods have killed five people and destroyed 2,382 houses across Sudan, the Ministry of Interior said.

The ministry explained in a statement that as of Sunday, five people have died and three others have been injured due to heavy rains and floods which also destroyed 2,382 houses across the country.

According to the statement, as many as 1,110 houses were totally destroyed while 1,272 houses were partially destroyed over the same period.

The ministry’s statement explained that the weather conditions have also destroyed 26 educational facilities and mosques, 78 stores and killed 41 animals.

Over the past two days, the capital Khartoum was hit by heavy rains, while floodwaters collected east of the capital.

The rainy season in Sudan lasts from May to November.

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