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Here Comes the Saviour: Praying Mantis Kills and Eats Murder Hornet in Graphic Video

Here Comes the Saviour: Praying Mantis Kills and Eats Murder Hornet in Graphic Video


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Earlier, Internet users became collectively repelled by video of a rapacious ‘murder hornet’ killing a helpless mouse, especially amid new warnings that these Asia-based hornets had arrived to the US. Netizens did not suspect that an even more abhorrent video concerning the bug thug was on the way.

A frightening video revealing a praying mantis devouring a ‘murder hornet’ that repelled the Internet appeared just in time as reports claim that these aggressive insects have arrived in the US.

Despite the new video being even more abhorrent than that with the mouse, netizens became weirdly enthusiastic, unable to stop watching over and over again how the praying mantis eats the hornet.

The danger of the murder hornets invading the US has been mulled by US media, while the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) has warned of threats to “agriculture and agricultural systems” of the US, since the wasps are capable of destroying a beehive “in a matter of hours”. 

Originating from the forests of East Asia, the giant murder hornets can reach 5 centimetres in length. They have a large stinger with a painful toxin that can dissolve human flesh.

​Immediately, users outraged at the hornet for killing the poor mouse now found themselves feeling sorry for the predator bug. 

Some suggested that the US should have a bunch of mantises ready for the hornet invasion, as if another cataclysmic battle is something that the year 2020 lacks.

​Some tried to over-cringe the video with the meme jokes.

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