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Senator Ted Cruz has introduced legislation that would see Hollywood productions severely limited if they are found to be bowing to Chinese censors.

Appearing on Fox News with Tucker Carlson Tuesday, Cruz charged that Hollywood is “fully complicit” in enabling Chinese censorship.

“The problem of censorship is a massive problem within China. China’s own censorship and coverup of this [coronavirus] pandemic helped produce a 257,000 deaths worldwide and when it comes to Hollywood, Hollywood is not an innocent bystander here.” Cruz urged.

“Hollywood works with the Chinese censors; Hollywood has been willing over and over and over again, there’s so much money at stake.” Cruz noted, explaining that studios regularly change production elements in order to please the communist state so they can make money in China.

The Senator gave examples of the recent Top Gun sequel, wherein China demanded the flags of Taiwan and Japan be removed from the lead character Maverick’s flight jacket.

“What are we saying to the world? That Maverick is afraid of the Chinese communists?” Cruz posited.

Cruz also highlighted how in regards to the musical film “Bohemian Rhapsody,” China demanded that all reference to the Queen’s lead singer, Freddie Mercury’s homosexuality be purged entirely.

“Pause to think about how many Hollywood producers like to virtue signal about their courage and free speech and artistic integrity and yet they happily try to edit out the fact that Freddie Mercury is gay?” Cruz proclaimed, adding “It’s extraordinary.”

The Senator continued, noting “I pointed this out the other day and several LGBT magazines began attacking me: ‘How dare Ted Cruz stand up and fight for gay rights.’ Listen, I am against censorship and against Chinese communists and by the way, I believe in truth,” Cruz said.

Cruz’s bill, called “The Stopping Censorship, Restoring Integrity, Protecting Talkies Act” (SCRIPT Act), would ban Hollywood productions from using “Pentagon assets” if they enable Chinese censorship.

Many big budget action films require facilitation with the Defense Department to use the latest equipment and technology .

“We aren’t going to facilitate Chinese communist censorship,” Cruz asserted.

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