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Hungary’s anti-mass migration, national conservative government may be among the first to hand back its emergency coronavirus powers, despite leftist claims its premier planned to rule “indefinitely” over the EU’s first “dictatorship”.

“Prime Minister [Viktor] Orbán, speaking at a press conference in Belgrade following his meeting with Serbian president [Aleksandar] Vučić, said ‪that the government’s power to take extraordinary measures under the Coronavirus Protection Act will likely be given back to parliament at the end of May,” a Hungarian government spokesman told Breitbart London.

After that happened, the Prime Minister will “give everyone a chance to apologize to Hungary for the unfair charges,’” he added, referring to repeated claims the emergency powers were actually an extraordinary power-grab by the government.

Many countries around the world have taken emergency powers to curb civil liberties and circumvent the usual legislative process in order to respond to the Chinese pandemic, but the Hungarian government was “singled out for criticism” by the EU’s leading men and left-liberal commentators and likened to Adolf Hitler’s regime — while very similar or even harsher measures taken by globalist leaders such as France’s Emmanuel Macron passed largely unremarked.

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