Hunter Plays Rough in Bed With Black Woman — He’s Racist Just Like Pops

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We are tying to keep this clean.
We really are.

Here’s the latest Hunter Biden photo released tonight by G-TV.

Hunter plays rough with black woman.

He’s a racist just like pops.

TRENDING: BREAKING: China’s GTV Releases Videos of Hunter Biden Sex Tapes while Smoking Crack

From a previous report tonight.

Earlier tonight China’s GTV loaded video of Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden smoking crack cocaine while engaging in sex with an unknown person.

GTV is a Chinese channel in Mandarin.


The Gateway Pundit was first to post on this video — the first to be released — of Hunter Biden from his laptop from hell.

The Gateway Pundit DID NOT post any photos or video of nudity or of anyone but Hunter Biden from the video.

GTV promised more video to come….

And now there is video of Hunter taking a selfie while having sex.

He included this photo on his laptop from hell.

And there is another video of Hunter taking a dick shot.

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