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“I Probably Shouldn’t Say This”

Joe Biden on Saturday jumbled his words and had trouble reading his teleprompter again during a virtual town hall with the Amalgamated Transit Union.

Biden kept wiping his nose during the virtual event.


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Biden went on a bizarre rant and warned Governors not to endorse him because Trump will punish them and cut off federal aid.

“I probably shouldn’t say this but you know me,” Biden said to the ATU boss. “I told some governors: ‘Don’t endorse me because you’ll pay a penalty. You won’t get what you need from the federal government in terms of this Covid crisis.’”

“Not a joke! My word! Not a joke!” Biden exclaimed raising his right hand.

Biden tried to sound tough but he ended up stumbling over his words and having one of his signature melt downs.

“It is what it is? — It is what it is because they are who they are… We can change this I promise you on day one I will,” said Biden without offering any details.

Thank you, Mr. President,” the union boss said to Biden after he finished his rant.


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