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"I Want to Talk About Happy Things, Man": Biden Bristles At Simple Afghan Pullout Questions

“I Want to Talk About Happy Things, Man”: Biden Bristles At Simple Afghan Pullout Questions

It’s becoming quite evident that Biden really doesn’t like challenging questions particularly over foreign policy related issues. On Friday he again snapped at a reporter’s question, this time about Afghanistan and the US exit currently said to be in final stages. 

After showing growing frustration over the topic, he cut off one journalist’s question by tersely invoking July 4th weekend: “Look, it’s 4th of July… I’m concerned that you guys are asking me questions that I’ll answer next week.  But I’m — this is a holiday weekend.  I’m going to celebrate it.  There is great things happening.” He again lambasted the press for “negative” questions…

“I want to talk about happy things, man,” he said in response to being pressed further on the Afghan withdrawal after already declaring “I’m not going to answer any more quick question on Afghanistan.”

The particular issue Biden was being pressed on before essentially deeming the topic “off limits” because he wants ‘happy thoughts’ is whether the US military would leave the capacity to bomb Taliban offensives from nearby countries. 

The only answer Biden gave is the following: “We have worked out an over-the-horizon capacity that we can be value added, but the Afghans are going to have to be able to do it themselves with the Air Force they have, which we’re helping them maintain,” he said.

As Politico pointed out:

At one point Biden said he’d answer journalists’ “negative questions” at a later point, before quickly catching himself and amending his characterization to “your legitimate questions.”

He did the same thing – though with more fireworks in terms of the out of control emotions displayed – at the mid-June Putin summit, where he also lectured the press pool on their ‘negativity’, which appears his classification for anything that’s actually challenging and not soft ball.

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