Ignored by Media: Juneteenth Celebration Turns Bloody in Charlotte – 2 Dead, 9 Shot, 5 Hit by Vehicles —

This was completely ignored by the mainstream media!

Two people were shot dead and nine more were shot during an impromptu street party for Juneteenth in Charlotte, North Carolina on Sunday night.

The chaos included hit and runs, multiple shooters, and partiers jumping on the backs of firefighters who were called in to help the victims.

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100% Fed Up reported on the insanity that started as a Juneteenth weekend party.

There were hundreds of people on the street when police arrived. Shots were fired during the celebration and two killed. Nine more were taken to hospitals. Five people who were trying to flee the chaos were hit by vehicles.

Via 100% Fed Up — In his press conference this morning, West Charlotte Deputy Chief Gerald Smith implored witnesses to come forward, saying at least three people are still clinging to their lives. Smith explained that the event started when a group of unorganized individuals marched through the neighborhood celebrating Juneteenth. The group continued through the weekend, and between 10 pm- 11 pm last night, the crowd swelled from 200 to an estimated 400 people. The violence started when one of the participants at the impromptu party struck a female with their vehicle and then fled the scene. Shortly after the hit and run, multiple shots rang out, and several people at the party were shot. Multiple ambulances, firefighters and police were called to the scene. As officers tried to secure the scene, shots rang out. People attending the party jumped on the backs of firefighters who were trying to help the wounded victims.

A reporter asked Police Chief Smith if people were “afraid” of the police who came in to help secure the scene, Chief Smith snapped back, “I would say that if someone was in fear because of the officer trying to take control of the scene, they should ask the people who were laying there bleeding, how much in fear they were.”

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