"I'm Banging Bond Guys All Day": Bizarre Compilation Of Tesla Uber-Bull Ross Gerber Clips Surfaces

“I’m Banging Bond Guys All Day”: Bizarre Compilation Of Tesla Uber-Bull Ross Gerber Clips Surfaces

It’s been a couple of months since we last wrote about “fund manager” Ross Gerber, who despite his asset management firm’s raging success that he will tell you about literally anytime, still for some reason needed to take a taxpayer-funded PPP loan from the government. 

But the dust has settled and criticism over the loan obviously didn’t come as too much of a blow for Gerber, or his firm, as a new video making its rounds on Twitter confirms the asset manager is still taking to social media regularly to offer up snowy-cold takes on both Tesla, and the world of investing.

A compilation of statements that Gerber made during what appears to be a recent Tik Tok interview surfaced on Twitter Labor Day morning and can best be described as bizarre. 

Among some of the observations Gerber makes are:

  • “I’m a fucking bull. I’m an all out bull.”
  • “I’m a Nikola killer, too!”
  • “I’ve got Tesla stock coming out of my fucking ears”
  • “I’m a nightmare. I’m on the phone. I’m banging bond guys all day now cause I still gotta call the desk on the bonds.”
  • “I’m waiting for my avocados!”
  • “Investing’s more like gardening, mmmkay?”


Recall, we last noted about Gerber that his firm showed up on broad disclosures of firms who took PPP loans.

These disclosures confirmed that Gerber’s firm took a loan ranging from $350,000 to $1 million through Wells Fargo Bank. While PPP loans were given out in exchange for “retaining jobs”, in the case of Gerber Kawasaki, the particular number of jobs retained is unknown as the Excel cell for that value is empty.

It gets better. The NAICS code of “441228” which Gerber Kawasaki applied under indicates that the “investment advisory” company got the loan under the guise of being a “Motorcycle, ATV and Other Motor Vehicle Dealer”!

Perhaps Gerber was hoping that someone at the Small Business Administration was dumb enough and would assume that a company named “Kawasaki” deal with, well, motorobikes. Because after all which financial advisor would like to be exposed as needing bailout money to continue offering paid “advice” on what happens next.

This motorcycle/ATV PPP rescue grant – which the company should have applied for only if it meant the difference between life and death – follows not only Gerber’s constant boasting on Twitter about being long Tesla, which was up about 10x off of its recent lows at one point, but bragging by Gerber on social media about how well his firm is doing and how rich he is.

The irony, of course, comes from the fact that on April 27, 2020, just 6 short days before his firm’s loan was approved, Gerber virtue signaled to the #Resistance by tweeting that “this whole PPP thing looks like a scam. Another big Trump scam”.

Meanwhile, we hope Fed chair Jerome Powell watches the above video and realizes exactly what type of generation of investors Fed policy is on the verge of creating in the U.S. 

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