India Sees 100k Daily Cases In New Global Record; 30 Million Milestone Nears: Live Updates

India Sees 100k Daily Cases In New Global Record; 30 Million Milestone Nears: Live Updates

One day after crossing the 5 million-case threshold, India has reported yet another record single-day jump in coronavirus cases, with 97,894 reported in the last 24 hours, bringing the country’s total to 5.12 million, as the world is roughly one day away from topping the 30 million case mark.

Indian cases are now climbing at roughly double the rate of the US.

Perhaps the biggest news on Thursday is that Chinese vaccine maker Sinovac Biotech plans to start a clinical trial of its experimental coronavirus vaccine with children and adolescents later this month, yet another round of final-stage testing, as China races to beat both the US and Russia in the race to a mass-produced, internationally-accepted vaccine. In the US, Moderna CEO Stephan Bancel appeared on CNBC’s “Squawk Box” once again Thursday morning as vaccine-makers generally engage in a PR campaign to try and ‘rebuild trust with the public’ after a patient was reportedly sickened during Phase 3 trials of the AstraZeneca-Oxford vaccine candidate. US authorities are looking into the issue, but Oxforx said earlier this week that the patient wasn’t sickened during the trial.

China reported nine new cases on Wednesday, down from 12 a day earlier, as the border city of Ruili, situated near Myanmar, remains on lockdown.

In a note to clients published Thursday, analysts at JPM noted that the rise in daily confirmed coronavirus cases in Europe has not shown signs of leading to a rapid increase in hospitalizations across the continent, which is an important sign that this wave likely won’t be anywhere near as deadly.

As is the case in the US and elsewhere around the world, more young people are becoming infected as older individuals keep contact with others to a minimum.

“The disconnect between new cases on the one hand, and hospitalisations and deaths on the other, remains very evident everywhere,” said JPM economist David Mackie.

Finally, South Korea confirmed 153 new coronavirus cases on Thursday, up from 113 a day eariler, bringing the country’s total infections to 22,657, along with 372 deaths. Kia Motors suspended operations at two plants in its Sohari Factory near Seoul, as 10 cases were confirmed among the automaker’s employees and families.

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