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Indian commander who led elite troops through Red Square in Victory Day parade says friendship with Russia ‘increasing by the day’

Indian commander who led elite troops through Red Square in Victory Day parade says friendship with Russia ‘increasing by the day’

Security challenges now faced by India have complicated preparations of its troops for the Victory Day parade, but they still marched on the Red Square and won the hearts of the Russian audience, their commander told RT.

The parade in Moscow, dedicated to 75th anniversary of victory against the Nazi Germany, was “a gala performance, with a great history behind it,” said Colonel Anil Kumar, commander of the tri-services contingent. The participation of the Indian troops in it has become yet another sign that friendship between India and Russia is “increasing by the day.”

Making it to the Russian capital was no easy task for the Indian contingent, due to the current security “challenges,” Kumar explained, referring to the recent clashes with Chinese troops in the disputed Galwan Valley in the Himalayas, as well as traditionally tense relations with Pakistan.

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The tri-services contingent had less than a week to prepare for the parade, while also lacking time to practice directly on the Red Square. Col. Kumar insisted that the display by his men and women was “absolutely praise-worthy,” especially pointing out their “sparking eyes and the bouncing steps.”

The cheer and the response from the Russian people shows how the Indian armed forces contingent been readily accepted in Moscow.

The Indian troops were “very grateful” to Russia for the invitation to take part in the Victory Day celebrations and they would gladly repeat this experience again, Kumar said.

In addition to the Indian contingent, units from China, Mongolia, Serbia, and nine former republics of the Soviet Union – Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan – joined the Russian troops in the parade, which was rescheduled from its traditional date on May 9 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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