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Indian Doctor Shares Video of Pink-Nosed Kitten Casually Dozing Off in ‘Happy Baby’ Yoga Pose


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New Delhi (Sputnik): Cats are often spotted taking their naps in next-to-impossible positions. Well, kitties in India have taken their twisty-turny sleeping postures a notch higher. In fact, Indian kittens have decided to shed some of their quarantine weight while sleeping – because why not?

Twitter user Dr Monica Langeh on Saturday posted a 14-second video clip of a fluffy grey and white kitten comfortably dozing off in a yoga pose – which is a tough one for us humans.

The yoga position in which the kitten is dreaming is called the “Ananda Balasana”, which is Sanskrit for “happy baby position”.

​The snippet of this pink-pawed munchkin garnered “awwdorable” reactions on Twitter.

​This is not the first time netizens have made Twitter a better place with pictures of their kitty cats just existing in all their glory.

Another Twitter user, Arjun Parashar, posted an eye-popping pose that his cat was just chilling in – or maybe it was in the middle of a stretching session.


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