Indian Villagers Allegedly Capture Crocodile, Eat & Distribute Its Meat

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New Delhi (Sputnik): A monkey was recently captured and hung from a tree until it died in the Indian state of Telangana after it strayed into a teak plantation. The video swiftly went viral on social media leading to outrage over the growing number of incidents of animal cruelty in India.

People from a village in the Indian state of Odisha have allegedly killed a crocodile by hanging it from a tree, later feasting on its meat. The culprits filmed a video reportedly depicting the act that later went viral on social media.

According to local media reports, the villagers suspected the crocodile was the reason for the mysterious death of various animals, including cattle in the town. They captured the reptile from the nearby Saveri River and dragged it to the village of Kaladapalli.

The group of men then affixed the crocodile to the tree with a rope and killed it by slicing its throat after a while. Some people reportedly ate the meat of the reptile and distributed the remainder among locals.

A three-member investigation team has been formed by the Forest Department and police to nab the culprits. Video footage is being examined for the probe. So far, no arrests have been made in the case.  

The meat of crocodiles and other reptiles is enjoyed as a delicacy in several countries.

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