Iran not to forget US support for chemical attack by Iraq – Middle East Monitor

Iran will never forget the support provided by the West, especially the US and Europe, to former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein when he carried out the chemical attack in the north-west of the country, the country’s Foreign Ministry said on Saturday.

” It’s been 33yrs since chemical attack in Sardasht. We did & will never forget the support & complicity of US/Europe in the horrible attack by Saddam. We did & will never forget the UNSC silence on this heinous crime,” the ministry wrote on Twitter.

The Iranian news agency explained that on 28 June 1987, the Iraqi army dropped chemical bombs on the city of Sardasht, with the support of the US and Europe.

The ministry described the city of Sardasht as the first to fall victim to chemical weapons in the world and third after Japanese Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be targeted by internationally banned weapons of mass destruction.

The ministry added: “The chemical attack on the city of Sardasht killed 110 people and wounded 5,000. A number of Sardasht’s residents are still struggling with the adverse effects and consequences of the fatal bombardment.”

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