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Is the U.S. facing a political civil war? – Veterans Today

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor, …with the Tehran Times

[ Editor’s Note: The Tehran Times asked for my thoughts on the current political meltdown, which was not a hard task to fulfill as we have been wading through the election swamp for some time now.

The only difficulty in such a task is how much one has to leave out, as the story runs into volume already, and we are not done yet. Just today we learned that Baron had gotten Covid, but the story was softpedaled with no explanation of how and where he got it, or could the child have been the victim of the parents’ negligence.

I ballot voted today, via a short drive to my suburban town clerk’s office. They had a drop box inside the door with no one around, so I was in and out in ten seconds, the fastest voting I have ever done.

As the bad news keeps rolling in on the Trump-Biden polls, expect to see some wild things taking place. For openers, we have the California Republicans putting out and picking up their own drop boxes, saying they had found a loophole to do it. The California State response was limp wristed.

But the cutting of the fiber cable line in Virginia that killed the last day of online voter registration was an overt criminal act. We hope that some surveillance camera footage will show us who did it.

I watched some of the Mitch McConnell debate with his Democrat challenger and was surprised to see him refuse to answer any questions he did not like. His opponent is down 8 points in the polls, but his “dissing’ her in a debate like that might energize female voters for an upset. What a hoot that would be.

I am waiting for the video of Trump with a goat…or something similiar that has been saved for the last bang, which would not be good strategy now as early voting has started. I would not hold anything back that I had, nor would VT. We have covered Trump to the max all year… Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … October 14, 2020

When a Continental Convention was adjourning in 1787, a spectator called out to Ben Franklin, “What kind of government will we have? He answered, “A republic if you can keep it, sir.” That admonition is what anti-Trump people are facing now. If he wins his Oligarchy will continue.

When Trump won in 2016, I predicted that his management style would be a version of his reality tv show, The Apprentice, where he would always be center stage and always firing people despite the irony that he is the apprentice.

There is a campaign now to provide attornes to U.S. servicemen for advice if they are called to break up peaceful demonstrations, which may be huge if Trump refuses to leave the White House.

America has a spoiled rich kid as president, one who had always had doors opened for him rather than earning his way, even paying a friend to take the college SAT exams for him, and threatening his prep school and colleges that he attended to never release his grades to the public, or he would sue them.

He was going to milk being president for everything he could get. He started with well-known experienced people, but then felt extremely uncomfortable being in a situation where everybody knew more than he did.

The Trump firings began, and the replacements would generally be less qualified and take an oath of office to Donald Trump rather than the Constitution. This was revealed when leakers broke the story of Trump’s visit to the WWII U.S. cemeteries, where he was quoted saying those buried there were fools and suckers.

That has now backfired on him. Many Americans came to realize that he viewed them as fools and suckers, too. Donald Trump is now the most hated man in modern American political history. Even Republicans are abandoning ship, gathering around the flag of “Republicans for Biden,” something Americans never dreamed they would see.

He led the country into attaining the worst coronavirus figures in the world, a trail of death, tears, and lie after lie, where even after being shown transcripts of his lies, he would still deny them.

His credibility is so destroyed now that many think he faked he and his wife having a virus as a way to market his miracle cure, which will somehow be free for all Americans despite the company’s claim that it cost $96,000 per treatment. The treatment is based on stem cells from aborted fetuses, and Trump forgot to explain where all the stem cells would come from.

Then came the four-star generals that went public, saying that they could not vote for such a demonstrated incompetent leader who has been faking everything from day one.

America has a spoiled rich kid as president, one who had always had doors opened for him rather then earning his way.

The thought of four more years for the Trump gang in office and the damage they would do has opened voters’ wallets like never before. A black man running for Senator Lindsey Graham’s seat just filed a third-quarter financial report showing he raised $57 million dollars from an average contribution of $37, which is an unprecedented accomplishment in the state where Mr. Harrison is polling neck and neck with Graham.

There is a campaign now to provide attorneys to U.S. servicemen for advice if they are called to break up peaceful demonstrations, which may be huge if Trump refuses to leave the White House while trying to steal the election with the help of his Israeli friends who are masters of the art, where the dirty deed is done in the counting.

Trump has created a 50,000-person army of poll watchers, focused on battleground states, to hover around polling stations to create a flood of voting irregularity reports so Trump can claim the mail-in ballots were rigged by the Democrats somehow.

Armies of lawyers will be standing by on both sides to fight it out to the political death of one candidate or the other. Another army of ex-prosecutors is waiting in the wings until after the election battle is over, to join in the numerous criminal charges expected to be brought against Trump and family and cohorts, plus Attorney General Robert Barr for numerous federal statutes.

As I write, Republican Conressmen are already leaking to the press that they should try to save themselves from going down with Trump, and focus in retaining control of the Senate.

Trump’s tax returns, which he broke a promise by not revealing during the 2016 presidential race, are expected to generate numerous charges that could lead to the bankruptcy of his house of cards empire, taking his family down with him.

As I write, Republican congressmen are already leaking to the press that they should try to save themselves from going down with Trump, and focus on retaining control of the Senate so they can block Democrat reforms for the next four years.

The voters are aware of this, and reports are growing that many voters will be voting for the full Democratic candidate slate in both federal and state elections. This would have huge long-term implications, as the majority parties in the state legislatures have control of the census and redistricting, a legal way to rig elections, which Republicans manipulated to the best of their ability in 2010.

No matter what happens on November 3rd, the United States will be a bitter and divided country when the dust settles, but I fear the political bloodletting will just be beginning. If the Oval Office changes occupants, it will be hard to try to reunite the country.

 Jim W. Dean is Managing Editor of Veterans Today and comes from an old military family going back to the American Revolution.

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