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Israel issued 650 demolition orders against Palestinian facilities in 2020 – Middle East Monitor

Israeli occupation authorities yesterday ordered two Palestinians to demolish their homes in Jerusalem’s Beit Hanina neighbourhood, Arab48 reported.

The demolitions of the Palestinian homes were ordered under the pretext that they lack the necessary building licenses.

Since the start of 2020, Arab48 news website said, Israeli occupation authorities have issued 650 demolition orders against Palestinian facilities in occupied Jerusalem.

Brothers Abdul-Salam and Odai Al-Razm, who were ordered to demolish their homes yesterday, said occupation authorities told them to level their properties or be forced to pay the fees for Israel to do it for them.

On Sunday, Israeli occupation forces ordered Khalid Bashir to demolish his home in the Jabal Al Mukaber in occupied Jerusalem.

UN: Israel demolishes 25 Palestine structures, displaces 32 people in 2 weeks

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